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Captivating. Energetic. Inspiring.

These are the three most common words people have used to describe my keynote speaking engagements over the last 20 years of executive leadership in healthcare.

Speaking allows me to give back to the people I serve - and motivate them to take action-based steps to benefit their organization and healthcare as a whole.


I am here to help your organization soar to new heights with tailored keynote speeches that will leave your audience educated, motivated, and inspired.

My approach is to masterfully weave real-life stories with meticulously researched content to create a powerful connection with your audience's minds and hearts.


My speeches are customized to suit your audience's needs, and I by asking myself one simple question - "What can I share that will actually help the listeners?"


Here are my favorite topics that I routinely cover.

🚀 Digital Transformation: How to embrace the future and lead your organization through the ever-changing digital landscape.

💡 Innovation: Spark creativity and unleash the power of innovation in your team.

🏆 Leadership: Cultivate the essential skills and mindset needed to become an exceptional leader.

🤝 Teamwork: Strengthen collaboration and teamwork to achieve extraordinary results.

🏆 Patient Experience: Via Mayo Clinic Press, we wrote the definitive book on patient experience from the vantage point of healthcare executives but direct to the heart of the consumer. This talk is based on the research and findings of the book shaped by our own experiences as patients.


      Dr. & Mr. Marx: My doctor wife and I sharing how we overcame all odds to build a successful career and family. Many kids later, she has a thriving practice and is a fitness model while I did a few good things along the way and continue to race for TeamUSA.

🤖 AI: Explore the incredible world of artificial intelligence and its impact on healthcare.

🎯 Strategy: Develop winning, measurable, and realistic strategies for your organization's growth and success.

💊 Clinical Innovation: Discover the latest breakthroughs in healthcare and how to implement them in your organization.

💰 Sales Strategy & Business Development: Boost sales, forge new partnerships, develop relationships with target executives and expand your organization's reach.

📢 Marketing: Unleash the power of effective, results oriented marketing to elevate your healthcare organization and grow your presence.

     Emerging Trends: What are the latest business and technical trends and how can we leverage them to ensure we are meeting the needs of the marketplace.

     Integrated Life: Let's be honest. Blending fast paced work environments with relationship commitments is super hard. My wife Simran (RN, MSN, DNP) and I have 5 kids, all super successful. We struggle a bit as well but we figured out how to have both a robust career and family. We are here to reveal our secrets.

      Restoring the Lost Art of Mentoring: Practical session inspiring everyone to seek a mentor and be a mentor. Includes guidance ensuring success. 

Many of my talks can be supplemented with additional materials such as books, Q&A's, and receptions after the event - to create a novel and memorable experience that resonates long after the speech is over.

I enjoy sharing what's helped me build and improve huge healthcare organizations, and what I enjoy most is meeting people, face to face, to help them do the same.

Interested in having me speak for your organization? Send an email, and let's chat.

Official Marx Speaker Reel

Official Marx Speaker Reel

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I've proudly delivered keynote speeches for these companies, and many more. 

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