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Collaboration - That Actually Delivers Results.

Curated Advisory so Personalized, you will Think I am a Member of your Team!

I have been in your shoes. I understand the challenges trying to reach decision makers and scale products and services. I have been both a vendor and a client. I advise from experience as a vendor CEO, a global CDO, a Founder and CIO of some fantastic organizations. That is why my customers receive personalized care and I am available 24x7.

Many retained advisory services are a waste of time and money for organizations. There is too much complexity, abstraction, and simply a lack of results.

A big reason advisory services are ineffective is because people spend too much time doing things that DO NOT matter, at the cost of things that DO matter.

The way I approach retained advisory? I only work with organizations that I know can achieve real, clearly defined, actual results. I'll help you define what outcome you desire to achieve, and I'll be upfront with whether or not I can help you achieve that outcome. If I can't help, I'll point you in the right direction.

By hand-crafting solutions in areas like branding, strategy, digital transformation, sales enablement, talent development, advisory council curation and more - I will help you set defined goals, with defined plans, to achieve defined results. Whether it be the preparation of sales materials, representing and reinforcing your brand, curating original content, connecting you with decision makers, writing a book, hosting a podcast, webinar or implementing a specific strategy to most effectively reach desired business outcomes - I'll do it all.

For my entire career, I've continued to get better and better at helping people and organizations reach their goals quicker and more efficiently - while saving them millions of dollars in cost, time, and energy.

For a monthly fixed fee, you have me at your fingertips to push you towards real, actual results - it's that simple.

Interested in working with me? My personalized advisory services are handcrafted to your specific requirements. I'd love the opportunity to work with you.


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Past & Present Clients

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